A&S Maschio True Wireless Earbuds with Case

Bluetooth 5.0 provides you with a ‘true wireless’ experience

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Announcing an innovative hands-free development in the area of Bluetooth wireless earbuds. With this product you’ll have no cumbersome cords and no ill-fitting earphones. Listening with your A100SE offers you an all-round sound and a truly tangle-free experience so you can move around freely.

The sound is exceptional, with no distraction and no outside noise creeping in. With earbuds delivering a whopping power of 30mAh it’s just you and what you are listening to.

This Bluetooth 5.0 provides you with a ‘true wireless’ experience. True wireless means that there are no cables between the earbuds. There’s no wire or cord or neck band or head band to struggle with. You’ll have nothing tangled in your pocket, strangling your neck while you try to shorten them so they don’t flap around while you move around. Just two, smart, compact earbuds—one in each ear.

Other features include auto pairing and a charging case which can be used as a power bank, running at a powerful 220mAh and taking only one hour to charge. You’ll have three and a half hours playback time and a total of fourteen hours playback with the charging case.

This product comes in two super-cool designs: Batman and Wonder Woman, because we want to remind you of your own special super powers. The charging dock stands with either one of these super heroes, holding the charging case with the earbuds and the impressive super-hero image. So, no untidy earplugs twisted and tangled in their cables littering your table top. You have your earbuds and your super hero, all in one spot.

For a truly hands-free experience while you work out, commute or simply listen to music, go for the A100SE. You’ll get such a super sound quality, you’ll realize that it’s not only your hands that are free.


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