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Wonder Woman special edition vacuum cleaner

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Announcing the Wonder Woman special edition vacuum cleaner with an authentic IP license with DC comics. Embracing the symbol of this amazing heroine on your vacuum cleaner, and so elegantly designed, this model has the modern working woman in mind. It is ultra-lightweight and easy to handle. There are no cords and no wires to trip over or become entangled in.

The S120SE model enables even more power for stronger suction. With suction power at 300W, and motor power of 23,000Pa, this model includes a cyclonic system air inlet - a centrifugal force which uses a separation principle to separate the dirt and dust collected from the air flow. Dirt particles and debris are ‘forced’ to the edge of a cylindrical container and away from the main air flow, making this vacuum cleaner the best choice for the environment. The cyclonic feature also entirely eliminates the need for a replaceable vacuum bag and additional costs. With one click you just empty the container and another click closes it again. As easy as that.

There’s a LED touchscreen that lets you see where you’re at and lets you flip between modes. With the 3-in-1 feature: an innovative vacuum experience taking the back-work out of vacuuming, special LED UV lights which eradicate mites and other undesirables, and a multilayer sponge for mopping, you won’t want to stop. Make your S120SE part of your kitchen. Stack it on a wall hanger in plain sight. It’s impressive to look at and will be powering up in its charging station and ready for tomorrow, when you've finished for the day.

For that efficient, faster and aesthetic cleaning experience you need a Wonder Woman special edition vacuum cleaner, manufactured especially with you in mind, so you won't need to be reminded exactly who is the hero around here.


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