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Announcing the S100 convenient cord free, lightweight stick vacuum cleaner complete with three different suction capabilities for powerful all-around cleaning.

This handy cordless vacuum cleaner has an effective HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter system for picking up dust particles and finer debris contributing to a healthier household and less allergies. This model is also equipped with the following features: a LED light, touch function, long endurance, and one key cleaning. A big roll floor electric brush is included as well as other brushes: a single and double floor brush and a normal floor brush without a motor, all especially designed for reaching the places you've found it difficult to get to before your S100, with ease and simplicity.

This model comes complete with three variations of power modes and has slightly longer run times in suction modes.

The S100 is powered by a lithium battery of 2,500mAH and affords a super-strong maximum suction power of 300W. The extra strong vibrations and powerful suction systems loosen any debris in carpet fibers and enable easy pick up. Add to that a noise factor of only 80dB and you'll hardly know you're working. Charging time is quick: between 4-5 hours. We've developed the S100 so that you can adapt your cleaning to your needs, and this vacuum cleaner has a run time in three different variations: a suction mode at a power of 20,000Pa for up to 14 minutes; a suction mode at a power of 9,000Pa for up to 25 minutes, and a suction mode at a power of 4,000Pa for up to 40 minutes. All suction power modes are available depending on your cleaning needs.

We know you'll love the extra-strong power in the S100 model which will afford you less time vacuuming and more time living your life.

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