A&S SlimLine H100 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Innovative HEPA filter system

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This cord free, mini, hand-vacuum cleaner makes the task of household cleaning a much more convenient and speedy one. The model is designed to be especially slim line and easy to handle. It is complete with a HEPA filter system which forces air through a fine mesh to trap dust particles and finer debris. The powerful suction power of 10,000Pa makes this vacuum cleaner also ideal for picking up stubborn dirt and debris. The BLDC motor supplies a stronger suction, less noise and offers a much longer service life in comparison to regular vacuum cleaners. The BLDC is designed with a round tubular shape making it especially easy to access difficult places. This model is perfect for cleaning computer keyboards, as well as any nooks and crannies which a normal size vacuum cleaner head would not be able to reach.

This ultra-lightweight model is fitted with a wide-shaped suction head which, in addition to a powerful motor, is perfect for strong pick up. With 4-5 hours charging time, and up to 20 minutes run time in suction mode, the information you'll need is indicated on a LED light screen. There is also an additional SOS feature.

The BLDC handheld vacuum cleaner is slim line and handy but is big enough to have a dust bin which can hold up to 300ml of dust and debris, perfect for getting the bits up from the car, under the seats and in the baggage area. And because it's very light and hardly any weight in your hand, you won't have to put too much effort into making your car clean and presentable once more.

Easy to handle and with no inconvenient power line, this easy to clean, cord free, mini, handheld vacuum cleaner is super-quick to recharge. A definite must in every household.

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