A&S La Femmina Medio Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Lightweight stick vacuum cleaner

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The C120SE La Femmina Medio Batman Special Edition has been designed with the Caped Crusader in mind and holds an authentic IP license with DC comics. Now down to work! The C120SE is easy to handle and features stronger suction than ever before with a motor power of 120W and a suction power of 9,000Pa. This model includes a cyclonic system air inlet which is a centrifugal force using a separation principle to separate the dirt and dust collected from the air flow. It allows dirt particles and debris to be ‘forced’ to the edge of a cylindrical container and away from the main air flow, making this particular model your first design choice as well as your environmentally friendly choice.

Together with its cyclonic system, this vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter system which forces air through a fine mesh to trap dust particles and finer debris, and a large dust bin capacity for your convenience. Powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the vacuum cleaner works up to 40 minutes in suction mode at a slow speed and up to 20 minutes at high speed. Charging time is between 4 hours and instructions light up on a 4 LED screen. The C120SE is ultra-lightweight and easy to handle for your convenience, making it easy so that you'll choose this chore as a part of your regular cleaning schedule.

An attractive wall hanger complete with charging station comes with this model so you won't have to bend so much. You'll hang it up and walk straight away.

The C120SE was developed in order to make your job vacuuming an easier one with a powerful Batman design and an important focus on the environment. This vacuum cleaner is your best choice for a cleaner clean and fresher and better air to breathe.


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