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A&S is Malaysia’s leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative consumer electronic products. Since 2017, A&S has been transforming traditional electronics products into unique products designed to make life easier and a lot more fun.

A&S Mission

A&S’s key vision is becoming the industry’s No.1 lifestyle electronic brand. A&S is known throughout the industry for our quality, value and service. Our reputation has earned us the exclusive IP rights with DC Comics for consumer electronics as well as slots at CES 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Focused on a younger, more modern shopper with unique home electronics needs, A&S utilizes lifestyle-oriented design principles without sacrificing on technology or innovative features. With a “You Only Live Once Attitude” and a need for the latest and most advanced technology, today’s shoppers value aesthetic designs and useful features that can keep up with their active lifestyles.

At A&S, we work hard to earn your business and we take the time to make sure every product we design, manufacture and distribute offers the best quality and the best value for the end user.

A&S Vision

Our vision of becoming one of the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative consumer electronic products and setting the standard for all others to reach for is an attainable one that we won’t stop until we achieve.

A&S will offer our users intuitive, convenient and easy-to-use consumer electronic products combined with unmatched customer service and a team of experts passionate about providing the best customer experience possible.

A&S wants to create a better every-day life for as many people as possible. We can do this by making our consumer electronic products not only accessible to everyone, but to make them easier for everyone to use.

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